The Best Web Hosting Providers

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How We Evaluate Web Hosting Providers

  • Reliabilityreliability

Reliability of the web host is the most important factor when determining what company you want to host your website with. It is extremely difficult to judge this before you open an account. We have put together unbiased reviews of web hosts across the net so that you can measure each hosts reliability before you sign up. Keep in mind, if your web site is not online for any amount of time, you will be losing out on visitors to your site and possibly sales. This is why you must have a reliable host.

  • Speedspeed

While reliability of a web host is probably the most important factor when choosing which company to go with, you also want their servers to be lightening fast. If you do not have a fast website, visitors will not want to wait around for it to load. Instead, they may go to another resource. Here at Hostingtavern, we make sure to give you the facts when it comes to the speed of each of the servers we have tested.

  • Ease of Useease of use

Usability is also very important when it comes to hosting your website. Some web hosts may come at a cheaper price but their servers are very hard to navigate. If you spend your time every day struggling with small tasks, you may end up losing out on revenue or visits. When we review a web host, we make sure that simple common tasks are easy to carry out as well as intuitive.

  • Featuresfeatures

Bandwidth as well as disk space that is available to you are some of the key factors when you are looking at the features of a web host. However, these are not the only features that should be taken into consideration. Each business has its own needs for services and functions so we give you a review where you can make your own choice based on what is offered.

  • Priceprice

Price of a web host is important but it also must be kept in the back of your mind what you are getting for that price. We like to perform an analysis of payment options, money back guarantees, refunds, billing terms, as well as other pricing details that you may encounter. Prices are sure to vary a great bit so it is important that you take into consideration the cost effectiveness of each hosting plan. We always want you to get the best bang for your buck!

  • Customer Supportcustomer support

We have all been there. Even if you are at the best web host on the internet and everything is working great, you will eventually need some technical support somewhere down the road. I know we have. Many web hosting companies have fast support as well as live chat and an online ticket system. Even if these are put into place, we want to get a realistic comparison of response times to tickets and live chats. Helpful materials and FAQs are also taken into consideration.

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