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Current A2 Hosting Coupon

We have gotten in touch with A2 Hosting and they were kind enough to give us some exclusive discounts to give out to your visitors. If you want to read the review, scroll down. The bottom line, is that this discount is going to give you a cheap price on an amazingly fast web hosting service.

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We are personally in touch with A2, so any coupon you see is sure to be kept up to date!

A2 Hosting Review

a2hostingThis company was created in late 2001 in Ann Arbor Michigan. They built there business on up time, customer service, and my all time favorite, speed. Originally named Iniquinet, in March 2003, the company got renamed to A2. I was not aware of this company until a few months when someone approached me and asked me to check them out. Very glad I did, as you will see from below.

So, after I was approached, I decided to go and check out their website and see what they offered. I saw a pretty average price for hosting at around four dollars a month and for 2 dollars a month extra you could get a hosting account with a solid state hard drive. This was something new and very exciting. If you are familiar with this website, it is all about making money and marketing online. Site speed is VERY important when ranking sites so of course this caught my eye.

Basically everything that comes with your hosting package is unlimited which includes domains, emails, transfers, storage transfers. I mainly use WordPress for all my sites but if you are running any other popular software, A2 has it! Joomly, Drupal, e-commerce, they are all available to install with the click of a few buttons.

If you are searching for something more high end, A2 also delivers. They carry many options for VPS, dedicated services, as well as reseller packages. Since I tested out a shared hosting plan, this a2 review will focus mainly on that type of account.


After testing out this company for a while, they were one of the most reliable web hosting services that I have used. They are also extremely open to telling you about the server up times for their service. If you want to take a look, you can check out this website where the uptime on the A2 servers are tracked by a third party system. Every 5 minutes it updates and as you can see by these numbers, they are very impressive.

So what can you take from these statistics. Well, that part is simple. The up time from A2 is generally beating all of the industry standards.


We know that A2 is reliable and will not go down often, if ever, but that all means nothing if your website is slow to load. Thankfully, that is something that the people at A2 hosting care about. In fact, this is what sold me on their service. They use servers with 8 cores, packed to the brim with 24 gigs of ram, and have free cloud flare CDN support, not to mention the railgun optimizer.

Of course, if you are willing to pay a few dollars extra, you can get your site on a solid state hard drive which can be up to 300% faster than a typical spinning drive. I highly recommend you do this. Just saving a second off your load time will improve your conversions and page views and when combined with this guide for WordPress, it can not be beat.

Hands down this is the fastest host that I have used. If you like nothing else about this review, I urge you to check them out on this fact alone.

Technical Support

Just like other hosts, if you need to contact them they have a phone number as well as a ticket support system. However, like many of you know, I love to use live chat. A2 has live chat and the people at the other end were both helpful and quick to respond. Great technical support for fixing problems on the fly that you may run in to, although I hope you never have any!


I first want to extend my thanks to Brad from A2 for letting me try out and review their hosting service.  They are not too old of a company yet but have grown considerably and put their resources into the right things (speed!). The price on their packages is competitive and very standard for the industry and their technical support is quick to respond and very helpful. Overall, after you read this a2 review, check out the coupons at the top of the page and give them a run. I was very pleased and hope you will be too!

A2 review by HostingTavern. Overall rating is 9.9/10

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