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blackhat fiverr

I know what you are thinking, Fiverr is a huge waste of time if you are looking to make big money.

However, if you want to make big money online, you are going to need to invest some money as well. Many of us, maybe even you, started with close to nothing to invest. This makes earning a lot of money online difficult. With a little help from a largely populated site (, you can get some great startup capital to fund your future projects.

Making $50 a day is definitely possible with less than 1 hour of work each and every day through Fiverr. I have used this method for over a year to make money just to cover the cost of my articles that I am working on for my Adsense Journey. So without wasting your time, let’s jump right into it.


Making Money on Fiverr – The Blackhat Way

Before I lay out the exact method, you may need to lay your ethics aside because this is in a bit of a grey area. When I say that this is a blackhat method, I really do mean that. If you are the kind of person who wants to be completely honest to your clients, feel free to disclose what you are doing to the Fiverr buyers who will purchase your gig. This may net you less orders overall, but at least your conscience can be clean.

I would suggest that if you are just doing this for some startup capital, to not disclose the exact method and get as many orders as possible.

blackhat fiverrThe basis of this method is to “write” articles that are “unique”. If you have ever bought articles from Fiverr, you know just how many gigs there are claiming that they will write you a unique article in such and such amount of time. I have been asked before why you would want to go into this writing niche if so many others are doing it, aka saturated. By using this method, you are going to be able to give clients unique articles which only take a few minutes of your time. Because of this, you will be able to provide more articles than your competition giving you a more competitive edge.

The Unique Article Method

  • Put up a high quality Fiverr gig offering unique articles
  • Offer some add-ons for your gig
  • Take a script to encode articles already on the internet
  • Zip all the files up and send them to your client

By now you may have been able to spot what is blackhat about this method. People generally go to Fiverr to grab articles that are unique so that search engines such as Google crawl them, index them, and hopefully send visitors from the SERPs.

This method is going to take an article from the internet, encode that article, and then send them back. The article that you encode will be the exact same original article that you found online, but to tools such as Copyscape, they will look 100% unique, without finding any copies.

The computer will show these articles as unique, but in reality, they will look and read like gibberish. To the human eye, they read perfectly. These articles do not help with SEO and are in fact close to worthless now days. This is the exact reason that it is considered blackhat but if you are open to your clients, I see no reason why you should not do this. You need startup money from somewhere right? This is a fast way to get some.

Details of the Method

  1. You will need to find some high quality articles that have good English and read well.  The best place I have found are quality article directories such as Ezine Articles. After you get an order, go on over to Ezine and type in the keywords they want you to use. Select a nice article that is a decent length on their topic.
  2. Check the Complex and Dictionary check boxes on the left hand side. These options will encode all the words of the article except for long keywords. This means that some keywords in the article will not be gibberish to search engines and can be understood.
  3. Go to the bottom of the page and click on the blue Rewrite button. Congrats! You have just encoded the text of the article. On the right hand side of the screen under Output Text, you should see a lot of red underlines. This means that those words have been encoded and are not being understood by your browser, but will look EXACTLY the same as the article that you copied and pasted.
  4. fiverr spin articles
  5. Next, copy the Output Text in the right side column and open up a file in notepad. I like to use notepad because you can save .txt files and will not show the red underlines in the file so your clients do not ask you questions. Paste the text in the notepad.
  6. You are going to need to save the files before you can zip them up and hand them over to the client. Look at what I have posted in the pictures below to see what to do. When you go to save the article, you will see what the first picture is showing you. The encoding is automatically set to ANSI. What you want to do is chance the encoding box to Unicode and then save it.

encoding ANSI

encoding unicode

Once you have all the articles ready that your client ordered, put them in one zip file and send them off and deliver the gig.

I usually offer 2 articles for 1 Fiverr gig, and then offer a gig extra to provide 5 articles total for 2 gigs. This gives people 1 extra article, and does not really take up any more of your time.

The average order is generally in the area of $15 and should not take any longer than 5 minutes to finish the work. Go out and make some startup money, but remember, keep it ethical, and inform people what you are doing. Everyone wants a clean conscious right?

Authors Note: I published this method way back in July on I thought that my readers may want to see it here, so here it is.

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$100 A Day Adsense Journey (Part 1)

December 3rd, 2013 | Posted by Neil in Case Studies - (7 Comments)
3d small people the king with a sword. 3d image. Isolated white background.

It has been one hell of a week from losing my car keys, storing my car for the winter as the roads are salted, and finally getting time to sit down and write this.

I know many of you have been asking me about when I was going to get this post up because you wanted to follow along. Well, here it is! Let’s make some money together!

If this is the first time you are seeing this blog, this post will be following the $100 A Day Adsense Guide that I posted last month.

I also decided to call this a Journey instead of a Case Study because my hope is that you will follow along with me, taking the same steps I do, in a journey to reach $100 a day.

profitFinding a profitable Adsense Niche

The first step in this entire guide was to find a profitable Google Adsense niche. If you have a fun niche that is great, but if it has a low cost per click and high competition, you may work hard but see little to no payout.

Recently, Matthew Woodward posted an article about how to find proven money making niches using Flippa. As I read it, I noticed that this is basically what I have been doing since I started internet marketing. If you haven’t seen that post, I suggest you read it!

The basic method is to go to and find niches that have been consistently showing an income over a period of time (typically 6+ months in my case). You can then steal their backlinks and make a better site, but that can be saved for another post.

successkidAdsense Niche Acquired!

As I am sure some of you may have, I have an excel file of many different niches that I may want to look into. A lot of these were found using the above method. I quickly ran through my list and checked the Keyword Planner to see if they had a decent amount of searches as well as a decent CPC.

I also did some quick Google searches to check the competition of the key phrases I thought would be best. I found a niche that I think will be VERY lucrative in the long run. The stats of my chosen niche are below:

Niche Stats

  • Main keyword = 70,000+ searches a month
  • A decent CPC
  • Beatable competition in Google
  • Not a seasonal Keyword

**At this point, take a break from this article and go find a profitable niche. It is very important that you spend a good chunk of time on this step.

Make sure to refer back to for information on exactly what you are looking for (many searches, high CPC, not seasonal, ect.) as well as information on how to check the top 10 for competition to see if you stand a chance.

*** Another word of quick advice that I see many people getting wrong. When you are using the Keyword planner to check out keywords, the competition there is NOT SEO competition. It is simply the competition of how many advertisers are bidding for that keyword.

If you have not already, subscribe to get the next update to this Adsense journey directly to your inbox!

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Domain and WordPress Theme

For my domain name, I decided to deviate away from the original guide a bit. I still recommend that you go for a domain that has your main keyword in it as well as a prefix. However, for my Adsense site that I started for this site, I wanted to create a complete resource within my chosen niche.

Therefor, I went with a very brandable domain that people are going to remember and hopefully be more willing to link to! I also chose to go with a .com domain, which I would recommend you do as well.

If you have not done so, head on over to Namecheap and pick up your domain. I simply like to buy my domains from Namecheap because they offer free WhoisGuard for the first year which protects your personal information.

WordPress Theme

Selection of a WordPress theme is going to be of some importance here. Back before I really got into intner marketing, I had a good domain with almost 100k unique words on content on it barely making any money through Adsense. This was mainly due to the theme I was using.

You want a theme that puts the ads in places that the user is most likely to see first and click. You also want a simple looking site. Do not distract the user from the ads with fancy graphics. Remember, they are there to read content (and hopefully click ads).

heatmapAs you can see from the heatmap image, users are more likely to click on the upper left corner of the webpage. This is because this is the first place that the eye hits the screen since the majority of the world reads left to right.

What does this mean? Put a big Google Adsense Ad right there! Do not think about it, just do it!

I decided to go for a free theme for this project of mine, which is the exact one that this site is using:

If you want to spice it up a bit, have a look through any of the themes at ThemeForest. Remember, simple themes where you can ads in the upper left hand corner.

Set Up Your WordPress Plugins

At this point, you should have spent some time finding a good profitable niche.

You should have also purchased a domain name and picked out a decent theme where you can place ads that will get a good click through rate.

With that said, let’s set up some of the best plugins.

Once you have all those installed, take a while to go through them all and set them up.

I would suggest taking the time to follow my tutorial on w3 Cache as this will drastically speed up any WordPress site you put up.

Make sure that you build your sitemap after installing Google XML Sitemaps and then head over to Google Webmaster Tools and submit it. This will get your site indexed pretty quickly.

I have installed on these plugins on my site and set them all up in under 30 minutes. It may take you a bit longer the first time you are doing this, but it shouldn’t take you more than 1 hour.

3d small people the king with a sword. 3d image. Isolated white background.Get The Content Flowing!

From the original Adsense Guide, I calculated that I would need around 200 clicks a day to get to the target of $100 a day through Adsense. This meant that if I have a click through rate of 10%, I will need about 2000 visitors a day. This equates to around 80-100 articles.

However, I like to aim BIG. For the site I am working on, I wanted to create a complete resource within the niche I found. When I am all done, my Adsense site should have around 250k words of unique content, which is around 500 unique articles.

Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude. ~ Thomas Jefferson

Do you have the right mental attitude? I know 500 articles may seem like an insane goal, but it WILL happen. Hopefully I can blow the $100 a day right out of the water.

Niche Analysis

Before you actually start this process, take a look at the first thread and make sure you have done your deep niche analysis to get common questions or problems people are having in your niche. This will help creating articles MUCH easier.

Also take the time to find long tail keywords as well as taking a look at Market Samurai to get some “low hanging fruit” keywords you can write about.

Refer to the first thread right here where I go in depth about all of this.

Content So Far

So far I have put up 30 articles onto the site that are all unique which equates to around 18k words. I have a long way to go.

I decided that I will not put Adsense on the site until I am getting at least 100 visitors a day from Google. Currently, I am not really receiving any visitors, but that is because I have not started SEO yet.

SEO (The Beginning)

Since I still have a LOT of content to create and add to the site before I start seriously looking into ranking the site, I thought I would spend a few hours tonight doing some blogger outreach.

I opened up Technorati and took a look at my particular niche. I then went down the list and started emailing and contacting each site to see if they would be interested in featuring my site, or perhaps getting paid to give me a backlink to my site.

So far, out of about 20 emails, I have received one response. I thought I would share it with you to brighten your day.

Hi Neil
Paid links are against Google’s terms of service and can result in both of us having our sites de-indexed.  Sorry that I can’t work with you.  I think you’d be better off either working with a blogger on a sponsored post (I charge $150) or simply connecting with bloggers and introducing them to your site and asking for them to consider writing about it.

You can not win each and every time!


I really hope you have been following me and doing each step as I do them. My hope is that at this part of the journey you have a domain set up with all the plugins you will need and are building out the content to the site.

If you have not started yet, what are you waiting for? Money will not grow on a tree unless you first take the time to plant the seed.

If you have any questions, please post them in the comments below.

You can also simply let me know how your own Adsense site is coming along. I would love to see your progress!

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How To Build Massive Site Lists For GSA SER

November 25th, 2013 | Posted by Neil in Tutorials - (16 Comments)
GSA pie graph

GSA pie graphIf you have read my GSA SER Review, then you might have been wondering how you can create massive lists to run through GSA to get thousands of links per minute. In this tutorial I am going to show you how you can take an original seed list to expand it into thousands of sites.

This will allow you get a ton of verified links without having to scrape for them yourself (which can be slow) and get rid of buying any lists.

What You Will Learn

  • Getting a seed list
  • Extracting the internal links from the seed list
  • Extracting external links
  • Sorting your list

Resources Needed

The Main Idea

If you are using GSA SER to post to different blogs, then I am assuming that other users of the software are probably posting to these sites as well. Some GSA users have absolutely massive campaigns for their tiered projects and are blasting hundreds of thousands of links.

What we are going to do is scrape all the internal links of the blogs that you are posting to. This will give you a big list of different posts that have been destroyed by GSA SER.

We will then extract all the external links from the blog post list we have gotten, giving us a list of targets for GSA that other people are using.

seed listGetting Your Seed List

The first thing you are going to need to do is find a list. If this is your first time then go to the verified folder of GSA SER and grab all the URLs from all the blog comments you have made. It does not really matter if you have a little list, you will see that even a small list can be expanded to thousands of URLs.

After the first time you do this, you can then just use verified comments from the last project that you successfully used this technique with. If you want a complete site list, then you can grab my starter list below. This is not just blog comments though, it is all platforms.

When you finally have the list, import that list to Scrapebox, trim to the root, get rid of duplicate URLs, and then save the list as “seed list” and move on to the next step.

Extracting the Internal Links

Open up the plugin in Scrapebox called “Link Extractor” and load the seed list you just created into it. Set the mode for the plugin to internal and use as many connections as possible. Start it up and let it run.

Once the process is complete, import the list you just ran though to Scapebox and close the Link Extractor plugin.

Take a look through the list and check out if there are any categories, comment (#comment), tag links or anything like that. You can then use the “Remove URLs containing” option to get rid of these types of links.

You are looking for just a list that is made up of blog posts. This would be ideal. Save the list as “internal links” and go on to the next step.

Optional: Set a project in GSA just to feed in these lists. This will filter out the trash from the blog posts you are looking for. This also can be a great way to build an auto accept list.

Extracting the External Links

I should note that in this step, your original list you use for this is going to be expanded to hundreds of thousands or millions of URLs. This means that you should probably split up your internal links list into smaller files of no more than 10k links per list. this step will usually create 200 times more URLs than you start with and Scrapebox does not seem to link lists more than 1 million URLs as much as I wish it did.

Tip: Use the “Dup Remover” plugin within Scrapebox to split the files.

Okay, so now that you have the internal links list split into smaller files, open up the link extractor plugin and lets get going.

Load in the internal links file, set your mode to “external” and click start.

This may take a while, so enjoy a break while the software does its job. When it is done, transfer the list to ScrapeBox and dedupolicate it again if you need to.

Save the list as something such as: “Needs Sorted”.

Do this over again until all your smaller link lists from your internal links lists are done.

Sort Your List

You should have some pretty big lists on your hands. They need to be sorted! Good news for you, GSA SER can do this!

You will want to setup a new project in GSA SER just like this one. Copy the settings of this picture!

GSA sort list1

GSA sort list 2


** With these settings, all unindexed sites will be filtered out. If you want to get as many links as possible and do not care about the PR of the pages, then untick the box for PR filters and it will make your project faster and skip the PR check step.

** Also untick all the search engines and the site lists. What you want is this project to only post to the target URL list that you have just imported.

Be sure that you are using one of the main captcha solving software. If you do not use a software you are going to be paying a LOT of money, so pick up one of these two softwares: GSA Captcha Solver or Captcha Sniper.

Next, get some spun content that is relevant to your niche. I prefer to use Kontent Machine.

Once you have everything set up, import your “Needs sorted” list as the target URLs for the project.

BAM! The project will then go through the list and you will see all the successful and verified links!

Tip: Make sure to save the identified, verified and Submitted sites in GSA SER!

You can now repeat the process on the already massive list you just ran through GSA SER to create and even BIGGER list!

Quick Recap

  •  Grab a list of blog comments that have been verified on GSA
  • Extract all the internal links
  • Extract all the external links (from your internal links list)
  • Import the list to a GSA project and let it sort it out for you
  • Rinse and repeat with the verified links you just made!

Enjoy building your free list of sites that you can use yourself or sell to others. Go get those rankings!

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$100 A Day Adsense Guide

November 17th, 2013 | Posted by Neil in Tutorials - (37 Comments)

As many of you know, building relationships in the internet marketing game is essential if you want to succeed. Over the last few months I have networked with many SEO’s and Internet Marketers and have even made some good friends.

One of these good friends that I met on a prominent marketing forum has shared his knowledge with me and we have even done a few joint ventures together.

Sam started internet marketing with Adsense back in 2008 and since then, it has been one of his main earners. I have had my fair share of success with Adsense in the past, but have since moved on to CPA as Adsense is commonly seen as the “poor man’s monetization”. However, it does not have to be!

I have noticed that many people struggle to earn even 5 dollars a day with Adsense when they put so much effort in. I know how frustrating this can be and I have decided to put all the knowledge that Sam has given me to make at least $100 every day from an Adsense site.

MoneyBags$100 A Day Adsense Steps

  • Find a profitable Adsense niche
  • Do indepth keyword research on that niche
  • Get high quality content ready
  • Make sure you have perfect on page SEO
  • Start off page SEO

If you are part of any marketing forums, you will notice people trying to sell you small micro niche sites and will tell you about how much money you can make with them. Believe me when I say that you do not need 10 or 20 of these small sites to make any decent money. If you have one good niche with a solid blog on the subject, that is all you need!

niche-researchNiche Research

To get into a profitable Adsense niche, you are going to be looking for the following factors.

  1. The niche has a high CPC (cost per click) for the keywords
  2. The competition is low
  3. The niche has many advertisers in Google Adwords
  4. There are enough searches in Google.

Some of you may have the keyword/niche tools, but I know that a lot do not. To make sure that everyone can follow this guide, I am gong to use the Keyword Planner, which used to be the Google Keyword Tool.

I preferred the old tool, but the Keyword Planner will be good enough for this guide.

When we start looking for a niche, we need to find topics that generally are associated with high CPC.

Below are some topics that generally have a high CPC. Remember though, you should start a site that you have an interest in the topic. If you do not, you can get burned out and all the effort you put in initially will be for nothing. Just make sure you care about the topic and are not just going after it because it has a high CPC.

  • Finance
  • Legal
  • Medical
  • Travel
  • Web Hosting
  • Health
  • Security
  • Home Care
  • Online Degrees
  • Security

I am personally interested in Legal and Medical, probably because I may attend law school and my girlfriend wants to be a doctor. Remember, make sure your topic interests you.

I will be starting a case study in the next few weeks following this exact guide to bring a new site to $100 a day. If you want updates to this, please subscribe below.

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Once you have selected a broad niche, head on over to or use the scrapebox keyword scraper to do some searches with keywords that are in the broad niche. You are looking for related keywords to the main topic. Save all the keywords that you find using this tool in a notepad list to use later.

The Next Step

  1. Head over to
  2. Enter in the broad keyword term in the search box
  3. Click on any category
  4. You will now see a lot of niches that have some potential within your main term. You are finding a niche within a niche.
  5. Write down every niche that you have an interest in.
  6. Head on over to and do the exact same thing

Once you have your niches noted down, you are going to want to follow one more step to grab some more niches/keywords within your main market term.

  1. Go to Google and enter in your keyword + forum. “Medical + Forum” as an example.
  2. Check out any forums that pop up and read through for more ideas of niches.

If you have followed all of the above steps, chances are that you have a lot of niche ideas written down on your notepad or document.

This means that it is time to use the Keyword Planner. Open that bad boy up and paste all the niche ideas you wrote down. Sort them by estimated CPC.

What Are We Looking For?

  •  Large searches per month
  • High CPC
  • Not a seasonal keyword. You want there to be searches for the keyword year round

Make sure you put your keywords in brackets [keyword]. This will give you results that are accurate for the searches a month for that keyword.

Go through the list and pick out around 10 keywords that have a high CPC as well as a good amount of searches each and every month. Once you have those keyword chosen, you need to take a look at the competition.

To look at the competition, go to Google and type your keyword phrase in with quotations such as this: “keyword”. Check out how many results are returned. If you see less than 500-800k results returned,  then this might be a good keyword to tackle.

top 10 resultsCheck Out The Top 10

  1. How many sites on the first page have the exact keyword in their title and URL?
  2. How old is each site?
  3. What Page Rank is each site?
  4. How many backlinks does each site have?

Just as a guide, these are generally good niches to go for:

  • 2 sites in the top 10 do not have the exact keyword in their title
  • 2 domains are not 2 years old yet
  • 3 sites in the top 10 have a page rank under 4

This is just a rule of thumb. You can of course alter this as you see fit, but this is what I like to use.

To check the above metrics, have a look at this free tool:

To check out the backlinks, I recommend going with Ahrefs. It is the best backlink checking tool I have used.

My Chosen Keyword

  • Has a CPC of $1.28
  • Has 110,000 exact searches
  • It is not a seasonal keyword
  • Competition is a few million in Google

As you can see, I do not always go by the rules above. It has a lot more than 800k searches, but after taking a look at the top 10 sites, I am pretty sure I can beat them, and the amount of searches make it worth it. This is the main keyword I will be using in my case study following this guide.

Quick Tips

When you see in the Keyword Planner that a keyword is “low” competition, this is NOT SEO competition. It means that there are not very many advertisers bidding on that keyword.

You should generally stay away from keywords with low advertising competition because this means that many of your ads will not be related thus affecting your click through rate.

Finally, take a look at to see just how many advertisers are bidding on your keyword.

Domain and WordPress Theme

top TLDWhen you pick out your domain name, it is generally a good idea to have your main keyword in the domain name as well as a prefix. Something such as “best” works good at a prefix. An example of this would be “best*********.com”.

When I pick out domain names, I only go for top TLDs such as .com, .org, and .net.

Once you get your domain name picked out buy it and install WordPress on it. Then proceed to pick out a theme that is not cluttered and has a white background with simple black text. You do not want there to be any distracting graphics. Remember, the entire point of this site is to get them to click on Adsense ads, not look at a pretty theme.

If you are looking for some common words to add to your domain name, have a look at the lists below.

Common Suffixes


Other Suffixes


Classic Prefixes


Other Prefixes


Adjectives that can be used as prefixes


WordPress Plugins That I Use

You may also want to check out my tutorial on how to add Google Rating Stars to your posts to get a higher click through rate to your website from the SERPs.

How Many Articles Needed To Reach $100 A Day

Many people often ask how many articles or keywords you will need to reach the desired outcome of $100 a day. Let’s break it down with some simple math to get some estimates.

Lets assume that the average per click is going to be around $0.50. This could be a lot more or it could be less. It really depends.

This means to reach $100 it would be 100/.5 which equates to about 200 clicks a day to get one hundred dollars.

I always like to set my sites high so I will target a CTR (click through rate) of 10% meaning that I will need 200 X 10, or 2000 visitors a day to get to 100 dollars a day through Adsense.

We now have a rough estimate of how many visitors we need to get on a website before we can reach the goal!

I estimate that I need around 80-100 articles to reach $100. If we go with 80 articles we need about 25 visitors each day to each page. This can be achieved and is not that many visitors per page if you really think about it. Content can always be added at a later date if you are not hitting the target.

Deeper Niche Analysis

We have already done some niche research to find keywords, but it is time to go deeper! We need to find everything possible about the niche that you have chosen.

We first went to Google and searched for our niche + forums. You looked through posts to find sub niches within your niche. If you see any debates or arguments, write these down on a notepad.

The next thing you will probably want to take a look at is Yahoo answers and search for different questions within your niche. See what kind of things people are asking, this is something you want to remember. Note these frequent questions in your notepad.

Check out Ebay and Amazon for some of the best selling books or products that might be in your niche. This is the type of information people are paying for, so note down anything relevant in your notepad because you will want to give them this information for free. Make sure to take a look at the reviews of each book and note what people liked and did not like.

After you have done this, you should be getting some good information in your notepad.

technorati-iconHead on over to Technorati and do some searches for your niche. This will bring up related blogs. Go through their sites and look for posts that are interesting or ones that have lots of comments. Make sure to take note of the structure of these sites and topics that people are finding useful. Note down everything useful in your notepad.

Spend a good amount of time on this step. It may seem very easy and straightforward, which it is, but remember, a good Adsense site is going to offer the visitor a lot of quality.

Adding quality to visitors is your sure ticket to ensure you hit your goals. No one is going to stay on a site or even click an add if your information is garbage or they have problems navigating the website.

Keyword Research

If you have not done so, check out my previous article on this topic here.

The entire point of this section is to find the best keywords for the articles and categories that you will add to your Adsense site.

The previous step we figured out some problems and questions in the niche that has been chosen.

You will want to take a look at the notepad where you did your deep niche analysis and try to turn the questions and problems into some of the best keywords.

Example: Lets say that you chose the niche of web hosting when you did your deep niche analysis.

You went into some forums and checked out yahoo answers and found a question come up over and over again which was “What is the best web hosting?” or “Can someone tell me the best cheap web hosting”.

Just from the questions above, we already have some good keywords:

  • Best web hosting
  • Cheap web hosting

Just go through questions and find different keywords that come up often as well as find out different problems you found and turn these into keywords. You want to keep your keywords short. 2 or 3 words each is a good way to keep keywords short. Make sure that they are a bit broad because later we will find different long tail keywords.

Once you have a seed list of keywords, you will have to head on over to the Keyword Planner and plug them in to find some other good keywords. Also notice the number of searches for each keyword.

keyword research

Once all the results come back, download them in a csv file.

What I Did

I used deep niche analysis to find many seed keywords.

I then took the seed keywords and put them into the Keyword Planner to get many related keywords.

Going through the list, we can find keywords that have over 1000 searches a month and have a high competition.

Remember, the high competition means that there are lots of advertisers bidding on the keywords, NOT seo competition.

Site Structure

We need to set up our site in a well organized proper structure. This means that we need some categories.

To do this, I opened up the csv file that we just downloaded with the keywords and found the keywords that were the most searched. Take the top searched keywords that would make sense as categories and use them! This will set up your site structure very well.

Long Tail Keywords

It looks like it is time to find some long tail keywords.

Open up the keywords csv that you downloaded from the Keyword Planner. You have already picked out your categories. It is now time to sort all the keywords.

Go through the csv file and sort all the keywords into the categories you have chosen in another excel document.

This will take some time, but once you have everything sorted, you have your categories set up with long tail keywords for each category set up.

Continuing on, we are going to open Market Samurai and take all the keywords from one of our categories and enter them. Do not worry, Market Samurai has a free trial!

Settings I Will Use In Market Samurai

  •  Set the Phrase to Broad with a minimum setting of 5
  • Set the SEO Traffic to the very least of 50
  • Click on Generate Keywords
  • Once results are shown, click on analyze keywords
  • Set your Phrase to Broad and a minimum of 15
  • Set your SEO traffic to the least of 50
  • Set the match type to “Phrase”
  • Click on Analyze Keywords

The tool should have returned a lot of potential keywords that you can use. If you go to the SEO competition tab within the software, you should check over the keywords based on the factors that we mentioned earlier.

Creating The Visitor Pages

You will need a few visitors pages to make sure that your site is Adsense compliant.

Pages You Need To Create

  • About Us
  • Privacy Policy (This is a MUST)
  • Contact Us

About Us

On the About Us page you need to just put up a page about what your site offers, why you started it, and what kind of information you are going to provide on your site. This is just a page about how your site is going to benefit the visitor.

Contact Us

My favorite way to create the Contact Us page is just to use a simple plugin called Contact Form With Captcha.

You can get this plugin from here:

Privacy Policy

This is the most important page because it is required by Adsense. You will need to include certain information on the doubleclick dart cookie. Make sure you create this page or you could be risking your Adsense account.

The easiest way to create this page is by using

great-contentWriting Great Content

If you have followed every step outlined above, it is time to start adding some great content. The most important thing you will need to do is great titles that will grab the attention of people searching for your information. This is how you should do that.

Use a question format. This will entice people to click on your site when they are searching for information. An example would be “Why is my site loading slowly?”.

You can also use a problem and then offer a solution which will also grab the attention of the searcher. An example of this would be: ” Is your site loading slowly? Learn how to speed it up!”.

Another trick is to offer a “how to” article title which is a great way of getting their attention. Top 10 lists or how to lists always bring in a good amount of traffic, and sometimes backlinks!

Article Structure

Always add an introduction, a middle bit, and then a summary of the article at the end. The intro will tell the reader everything the article will be about while the middle bit will give them the information they are searching for. The conclusion just wraps it all up. This is the best and most simple way to structure an article.

Keyword Density

I always attempt to keep my keyword density under 3% for the main keyword. You do not want to run into an optimization penalty and if you overuse your main keyword it may not read as well as it should. Always use keywords and LSI keywords that are related to the articles though.

Keyword Stemming

Keyword stemming is a great technique if you want to add variations of a certain keyword. Simply put, keyword stemming is when you take the main keyword and add on a suffix or prefix.

Keyword Prominence

This refers to how close the keyword is to the beginning of the text of the body, A good practice is to always use the main keyword within the first couple of sentences of each article.

ALT Tags

The place you are going to want to use ALT tags is when you have images in the articles you are putting on your site. It is used as a description of the image. Make your ALT tags short and descriptive. Search engines will love this and hopefully send you traffic.

link buldingLink Building 101 Guide

Are you ready to build some awesome links to your Adsense site? I hope so!

Why SEO?

SEO is going to give you the highest converting traffic because it is laser targeted and FREE!

Benefits of SEO

You are building an Asset: The visitors and keywords that you will rank for are going to be an asset that you can build up and develop. Start collecting emails and you have an even bigger asset.

Targeted Traffic: Every person that is going to come to your website through a search engine is pre qualifying themselves for the information you have! This will lead to more ad clicks!

Free Traffic: As I mentioned above, the traffic you are going to be getting is FREE. You will not have to pay a single penny for this traffic and that is what is so great about SEO. Once it is ranking for a specific keyword, you just need to maintain that position. If you were using paid traffic, the moment you stop paying is when the traffic stops. This is not how SEO works! Which is excellent news for you and I.

So if the above information wasn’t obvious to you, you now know it. This means it is time to start building your asset!

Tier 1


The first thing you will need to do is get some content written for your backlink campaign. You can write this content yourself or outsource it. I typically start with 15 unique articles and each one is around 400 words long. The article should be good readable quality. I tend to stay away from spun content because I value my sites.

Creating Web 2.0s

This is the step where I am going to great web 2.0 blogs on the high PR web 2.0 sites. Examples of these are WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, and Weebly. I start off making around 5-8 web 2.0 blogs to start with. Each one should have around 3 pages and only a single post will have a link pointing back to your site. Make sure that the article that contains your link is niche specific to your website.

Each web 2.0 should have an about us page and link out to authority sites. You want to make it look natural so the key here is to make your web 2.0 blogs look like real legit sites. Treat them as if they are micro niche sites and make them look nice!

Article Directory Links

Take some of your quality articles and go to some high PR article directories. You will be adding your link to the resource box.

Social Bookmarks

When I first start my Adsense sites, I like to do social bookmarks first. I will write 25 unique descriptions about my site that are short, around 20 words. Then I will drop my link on high page rank social bookmarking sites. Make sure to use different usernames to not leave a footprint.

Document Sharing Links

Take one of your articles and convert it into a PDF file. You can then add your link in the footer and submit it to all the doc sharing sites with high page rank.

Social Signals

This is another thing I like to do first when starting an Adsense website. Send around 20 Facebook likes, 20 stumble upon and 20 twitter tweets to your site.

Tier 2

I like to make my tier 2 a bit automated as I do not want to spend the time doing this all by hand. This is what I like to do:

  • 100 Do Follow Blog Comments to each Web 2.0
  • 300 Social Network posts to every Tier 1
  • 5000 Wiki Links to all your Tier 1

These are some of the tools that can be used:

Once you have everything submitted and the links are built. Take all your links and through them into an indexer. This will help them get indexed and crawled by Google, which is what you want!

As a side note, you will want to diversify the anchor texts you use. I like to use the following:

  • 60% money keywords
  • 20% LSI keywords
  • 20% generic keywords and naked URL


Social Share Resources HERE

Tier 2 Tips

  • For the Tier 2 links, 50% should use generic anchor texts, 30% should use LSI anchors, and 20% should be money anchor texts pointing to the tier 1 links
  • All do follow blog comments should be do follow, not no follow
  • Scrape an article and spin it for social networks. For wiki links, you need links with anchors.
  • I do not use any tools on my tier 1 links, do them manually. It will take time but is well worth it.
  • You can outsource tier 2 links which I highly recommend.
  • Be very careful when building tier 1 links, tier 2 you can experiment on the anchor text ratios and quantity. Tier 1 should always be quality.
  • Quality high PR links are worth more than a large link blast of low quality links.

Final Remarks

That is it everyone. I hope you enjoyed reading this guide of how to make $100 every day from Adsense. I myself am going to be doing a case study by creating an Adsense website and following this exact guide. If you would like to get updates on that when it is released, please subscribe below and have a good one.

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seo money

A month or two ago, I started my health niche website in a sub-niche that had very little competition with the opportunity make some good money. You can read the first installment here.

Let’s have a look at the good news first and then the bad news and break it down.

The Good News

The good news is that I was able to put up a small affiliate site in less than a day with about 6k words of original unique content. The content on this site was not ground breaking nor did I focus much on each individual page.

My only concern was to optimize the front page of this niche site for sales. I knew that not much traffic would be landing on individual pages and that most traffic would hit my front page and be gone within a few minutes.

I put up a nice testimonial and then a large call to action at the very top of the page. This was converting well but not as much as I expected. To further increase my click through rate, I added a video and some large cheesy red text for my call to action. I did not know how well this would work, but my click through rate skyrocketed to around 10% which I was more than happy with.

seo moneyWithin 1 month I was able to rank this site to number 1 for the biggest keywords I was targeting. As you can see from the first post, these keywords had some decent search traffic and I was soon getting around 700-800 unique visitors a day.

Since I was getting around a 10% click through rate, I was able to push about 70-80 visitors to the sales page each and every day. From the sales page, which was laid out very well, those visitors converted at around 10% as well.

So if we do some quick math, you can see that within a month, I was able to bring a site from nothing to around $200-$300 a day in profit! It even held up under the Google Hummingbird update that was rolled out without anyone knowing about it until it was later announced.

This passive income lasted for about a month total and then crashed. So what happened?

The Bad News

penguin 2.1Well, shortly after the Google Hummingbird update rolled out, Google decided to strike fear into the hearts of SEOs with another update. This time, they rolled out penguin 2.1. Virtually overnight, the rankings of the health niche site plummeted into the hundreds, not to be seen again.

Penguin 2.1 seems to be a bit more smart than Penguin 2.0. Some findings show that links created after the Penguin 2.0 roll out were looked at and subject to a penalty from the new penguin. Forum spam, forum bio spam, do follow blogs, blogroll spam, spammy directories, and blog comment signature spam were all targeted.

Of these types of links, I made heavy use of blog networks to rank this health niche site with a typical rank and bank type attitude. I knew that the earnings would not last forever, but it is a very quick way to rank a website and it looks like I just got unlucky with the timing of this update.

What To Do?

I have taken some time to look into the link profile of this site, and currently I do not have the time nor motivation to clean it up and keep going. In fact, it might be a better idea to just start over with a fresh domain. I have been very busy the last few weeks but I also may try doing a 301 to a fresh domain and seeing if I can squeeze some more money out of this site.

Instead of going full steam ahead trying to fix this site, make sure you stay watch for a new guide I be releasing to make $100 a day through Adsense. After I release that guide, I will be starting a new case study where I follow my exact tutorial and show you all how anyone can make $100 a day with Adsense with a little hard work.


Overall, I was able to make a good $3,000 within 1 month from a simple affiliate site and with very little money invested. Yes, it got hit by an update, but such things will happen when you decide to go blackhat. The key is to keep your head up and keep moving forward!

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buzzbundleLast month I was able to make a 5 figure passive income from this blog. I did this all from free traffic by finding my target audience and engaging them directly.  Instead of building links, finding people with problems and engaging them directly actually lead to an increased in conversion.

So what did I use to achieve this? An awesome tool called BuzzBundle. This tool allows you to drive basically unlimited traffic to your site by getting involved in conversations around the internet.

BuzzBundle supports blogs, forums, Question and Answer sites, and social networks. This takes all the work out of finding these people while giving you an easy way to get engaged traffic to your blog.

Click Here To Start Your Free BuzzBundle Trial

BuzzBundle Review

Alright, you want to increase the visitors to your website that actually convert into sales. Not only was I able to make a 5 figure passive income last month utilizing this method, but many of the blogs visitors actually converted into email subscribers as well. I did all of this by doing these things:

  • Finding my target audience around the internet
  • Getting involved!
  • Gave them content that would benefit them
  • Reaped the benefits

Resources Used

  • BuzzBundle – My favorite software to find your blog’s target audience and interact with them.
  • BuyProxies – The best proxy provider I have used to date.

What Does BuzzBundle Do?

So what can this awesome software actually do? Well, it does a few things only, but does them extremely well.

  • Scouts the internet for blogs, social networks, Q&A sites, and forums
  • Finds related content on these platforms based on your keywords
  • Interact with people on these platforms talking about content related to what you are promoting
  • Manages profile creation and verification on multiple platforms

One of the big names in internet marketing, SEO Powersuite, is the company that has created BuzzBundle. There is nothing better than this software currently on the market that does what BuzzBundle does. I can assure you that if you use it, you are going to save hours and hours of your time where you previously would have wasted it searching for your target audience. It connects you to people all over the globe in as little of time as possible.

Hosting Tavern Project

Before we get into how to set up your own personal campaign, I want to show you how BuzzBundle will look when you are all set up. As you can see from below, it has a great interface that is simple yet effective.

BuzzBundle Review Screenshot


Above you can see how I have BuzzBundle set up. There are 4 columns. From left to right is Q&A sites, social networks, blogs and forums, then video sharing sites.

As you can see, I have been actively using the software to promote a post I recently wrote on my favorite automated link building software.

Forum Example

To get an idea of how this software works, let’s find someone on a forum who wants to learn about a tool of internet marketing. As you can see from the screenshot, someone wanted to learn about different tools of SEO on a forum and someone has already replied to him that he is using GSA SER and loving it. Since I recently wrote an article about that, I am going to reply.

“I have been using GSA SER as well pretty extensively in the last few months. I even wrote a review of it here:  Link Here
It allows me to push thousands of links per minute to my tier 1 properties which helps cut down on money spent on SEO services. Check it out for yourself.”

All I had to do is insert my link and post it!

buzzbundle forum example


Normally, I would have never visited this forum and found this user who was asking this question. However, BuzzBundle made it easy to connect directly to someone that had a question that I could answer! This shows how powerful this software is.

How To Setup A BuzzBundle Campaign In Seconds

Buzzbundle new campaign


When you first open BuzzBundle, you will see a screen just like the one I posted above. Here you have the options to add steams, or connect a profile.

To setup your first BuzzBundle Campaign:

  1. Go to File > Create New Project
  2. Click on “Add Streams”
  3. Enter in your website and keywords you want to find related content for
  4. Click OK

By default, the software is going to have all social media and networks selected so you will have 4 columns after you click OK.

I have decided that I want to continue promoting my GSA Search Engine Ranker article so I add keywords such as: GSA, GSA SER, GSA Search Engine Ranker, and GSA verified list.

These terms should bring up information that is relevant to my post that has been posted around the net. I can see multiple people mentioning this software on Twitter, which I can use.

Changing The BuzzBundle Layout

Each of the columns in BuzzBundle is going to have a little gear at the top. To edit the layout of each column, click on that gear and select edit this stream.

I usually prefer not to show video sharing sites so I will simply uncheck video sharing sites and click okay. This will remove that stream from my interface.

buzzbundle edit stream

You can also choose where the columns go in the options. You can always change the keywords as well if there is a different post that you feel like promoting.

Set Up Your Proxies

buzzbundle proxies

If you are using just a single keyword, there is probably no need for proxies. However, if you are using more than one or multiple keywords, then I would highly suggest using proxies to scrape to keep BuzzBundle working correctly. I personally prefer using semi-dedicated proxies from BuyProxies.

To set these up, go to Preferences > Search Safety Settings > Proxy Rotation and import them.

Setting up your Profile and Persona

buzzbundle personabuzzbundle registrationWe are nearing the end of the setup process. We now need to setup a persona. To do this, select the Personas & Profiles tab from the left side of Buzzbundle. Upload an image for your site and then a name that you want to be seen as.

Next, fill out the registration info. This includes your username, password, email and your email password. The password for your email is used to verify emails when you sign up for new forums to check and verify these emails.

The last step is where you will enter in some information about yourself such as date of birth and website. This is what is used in different forums so you can choose to leave this blank if you want to.

Finally, from the main page of BuzzBundle, you are click the “Connect Profile” button to add your Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and any other forum or Q&S details that you have. These profiles will be used to reply to people when you start Buzzing.

Boom! You have finished setting up your BuzzBundle account and are ready to start interacting with people!

Let’s Put BuzzBundle To Work!

find buzzWe want to interact with the target audience right? Well, you are ready to go, so enter in your keywords and then click the Find Buzz Button at the top of your Buzzbundle screen.

The software will them crawl the web and find posts that are relevant to the keywords that you used.

Now we will see a list of relevant content in all the streams on the screen. This is where you are going to engage people directly.

Find someone that has a question that you have written content about. Reply to them with useful information and leave your link. Then click OK and submit your comment. There you go, you have engaged someone who is searching for information that you can offer them. They will most likely visit your blog and read more than one page if you have great content, all for free!

Software That Packs A BIG Punch

I have been using BuzzBundle everyday for around 30 minutes a day or whenever time allows. I have used this exact strategy to engage my potential traffic directly and it has been paying off.

Long term, I hope that people that I connect with come to my blog and read through all the information I have to offer. Even better would be to gain an email subscriber or buying a product through my affiliate link. This is exactly what has been happening and I could not be happier. If I had more time throughout the day, I could engage more people, which in turn should lead to higher conversions.

BuzzBundle delivers and helped me skyrocket my conversions. I hope it can help you as well.

Key Takeaways

  • The more you use the software, the more visitors your blog will have
  • Buzzbundle helps increase conversions
  • Buzzbundle great decreases the amount of work needed to find and engage your target audience

This has to be my all time favorite traffic generation tool and I do not even have to rely on the ever changing Google algorithms to do it!

Download the free trial, and see what it can do for your blog today!

Resources Used

  • BuzzBundle – My favorite software to find your blog’s target audience and interact with them.
  • BuyProxies – The best proxy provider I have used to date.
BuzzBundle review by HostingTavern. Overall rating is 10/10

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GSA ser pic

Introducing GSA Search Engine Ranker

GSA Search Engine RankerGSA search engine ranker is an extremely powerful piece of software. It is the only software in the world (publically available) that submits to hundreds of platforms (over 500) on autopilot with just a 30 minute set up. People have been using it a lot for different types of link building and it is very diverse in the ways that you can use it.

GSA Search Engine Ranker Applications

Below are a few of the ways that you are able to use GSA Search Engine Ranker. Each one has their own purpose and some are safer than others. All of them have seen very good results.

Spam rank

To do this you have to have GSA configured to post to most, if not all, the platforms. Import a huge keyword list, get lots of private proxies and set your threads high. Blog comments, trackbacks, guestbooks, articles (xe), and wiki (media wiki) will probably yield a high and fast submission rate with a high verify rate. To execute spam rank even more efficiently, it is best to import huge GSA verified lists. There are some people selling lists, but it is probably best to start with no list and let GSA scrape and post to as many sites as it can for a month or so. Then once you have other projects you can import the links from the global site list you have gathered. From one month constantly running GSA you should have 100,000 – 500,000 verified links in your global site list, depending on how well you have configured GSA and how fast it is going. Business GraphThis method is only effective if you are making thousands and thousands of links everyday.

Of course the higher the competition the more links you will need to be able to rank well. However do not think you can rank for “payday loans” as that niche has been completely re-worked in terms of ranking algorithms as it got abused so much. With this method you do not need quality backlinks so you don’t need to change many settings in GSA SER. The method works on the amount of links you are constantly getting. It’s link velocity that makes you rank. Google will think your site has gone viral, as it will see thousands of new links everyday. People say it’s better to get a small amount of quality links than waste time with spammy links. With GSA it is extremely easy to make lots of low quality links, and the shear number of links gives the same power as a few really high quality ones.

Tier 2 Spamming

You have a few options. You can go down the route of spam rank but on your tier 1 sites, you could make it higher quality but using good quality spun articles and not building links to “bad” sites.  You could also build niche relevant spam or high quality links by importing keywords from your niche to find targeted sites. Your Tier 1 links for this should be beautiful. They should be high quality web 2.0 blogs with hand written content and a few posts of 500+ words. They should look like mini sites. The number of web 2.0s is up to you and will vary from niche to niche. Do not spread it too thin as you will want 100,000+ backlinks to each of these blogs every month. not badFrom just 20 days here are the stats from 5 of my web 2.0s:

  • PA54, backlinks: 69,000
  • PA55, backlinks: 76,000
  • PA53, backlinks: 81,000
  • PA55, backlinks: 78,000
  • PA56, backlinks: 53,000

I would show you the PR but they are still at PRN/A as Google hasn’t yet updated their Page Rank. As you can see the Page authority of these web 2.0 has skyrocketed, and that’s just from setting up a campaign in GSA, which took about 10 minutes. The results from these are awesome; they make your site rank very stable. It’s like building an authority blog network, but instead of old, high authority domains you have to buy (which can cost thousands of dollars for a large network) you make the authority in under a month. This method is preferred by lots of people who use GSA and want stable, safe, rankings.

Niche Related Backlinking

What are the best kind of links you can get? Niche related links!  With GSA you can automate them like never before. But let me be honest with you, I personally haven’t used GSA SER to make niche related backlinks, as I am more into mass spam in order to get lots of link juice.  My sites are in competitive niches, this means I don’t have time to get niche backlinks, as I find high PR blog posts and tier 2 link spamming more effective. However, you might be in a niche where the competition is low and a few niche backlinks are golden.

You see, each niche is different in terms of what you need to rank for it, and in some niches it is extremely effective to get niche related backlinks from blog commenting and forums. However, it is not like that in my niches. To dominate in some niches, all you need is a stream of a few hundred buffer sites and quality tier 1 links to blast the living hell out of, and niche related backlinks would only be good if I were to blast them as well. GSA has the ability to completely automate your niche related backlinks, however as you will need to spin the content it might not be the best quality and it might not be 100% unique.

To get niche related backlinks, all you need to do is find the “keywords” input when you set up a campaign and import a list of keywords related to your niche. You can generate keywords with Scrapebox or any  similar software. Once the list is imported, make sure to check the box which only posts your backlinks when a keyword is present on the page to make sure you are posting to niche related sites. GSA SER keyword Because this is building links directly to your money site, I would suggest building links slowly.  Do not generate more than 200 a day to start off with. You can do this by making GSA pause for 86400 seconds after ~400 links have been submitted, as currently I am only getting 50% verified.  It depends on many factors, so you will want to play around with GSA to see how many submitted become verified.

Copy Competitor links

GSA can make nearly any type of link on the net. All you need to do is go on a site, like ahrefs, and download all your competitor’s backlinks (you will need a premium subscription for this), and put them in GSA. GSA SER will try and make as many of them as it can. This is a great way to get a good backlinks profile to beat your competitors. To get all the competitions backlinks you will need to get an ahrefs subscription for $79 per month (it is half price for the first month). From there you can put in your top 10 competitors and export all their backlinks. Of course, it really varies as to how many links GSA would be able to submit to from niche to niche. If you have links from your top 10 competitors then not only will you have links from the #1 site, but you will also have links from all the other sites so you can really dominate. Set up a project and import the links from the file you downloaded from ahrefs to the GSA project. Sit back and watch all your competitors backlinks become yours. Be careful you don’t build too many links at once. Again I suggest you limit it to 200-500 backlinks a day. To be even safer, I would suggest you filter out all the bad links your competitors have that could be holding them back, so you don’t get the same links and thus make the same mistakes.

Tier 2+3

GSA SER didn’t come out with multi-tier options at first, but since its launch everyone begged for it, and the GSA team listened. This way you can make quality tier 2 with spun content submitted to articles directories, wiki’s, web 2.0, and tier 3 the spam rank way. To do this you will need to set up two projects, one for tier 2 and another for tier 3. In the tier 2 project you will want links from sites that offer contextual links, so article, web 2.0, social network, and wiki sites. In tier 3 you can completely spam tier 2 so you can select all the fastest performing platforms. With the tier 3 project there is one small box you have to check which links it to another project. GSA tiers To find out the best performing platforms  go to tools > show stats, then only submit to the top 50% that you have already built the most links to. Import your global site list to your tier 3 project.  This will allow you to get even more links quickly.

How to get high LpM

LpM stands for “links per minute” and is the speed at which GSA is submitting links. The higher the LpM, the faster GSA is making links. There are many ways to optimize for LpM. They include:

  • Not submitting to platforms with a low success rate
  • Using a fast captcha service
  • Not submitting to sites with recaptcha
  • Submitting to an already verified list of links
  • Using only the best search engines to harvest links to post to
  • Using lots of fast private proxies
  • Having a fast CPU
  • Having enough RAM
  • Using the right number of threads
  • Using a big keyword list
  • High timeout

Not submitting to platforms with a low success rate

By going into your GSA stats you can see which platforms aren’t yielding high results. Remove these from your submissions and you will have a faster GSA.

Using a fast captcha service

Most sites use captchas, so the time spent on each site will increase if it takes long to solve the captchas, thus less sites will be submitted every minute lowering your LpM. I highly recommend either GSA captcha breaker (works great with GSA), or Captcha Sniper for automated captcha solving. For sites that have captchas that cannot be solved by these two services, I use Death By Captcha which is one of the cheapest providers at $1.39 per 1,000 captcha solves.

Not submitting to sites with recaptcha

Recaptcha is very hard to crack and can cost a lot of money. When it normally takes a few seconds to solve a recaptcha rather than milliseconds  it slows down submissions quite a bit. By not posting to sites that use recaptcha or by choosing to skip them in the options  you will yield a higher LpM.

Submitting to an already verified list of links

By doing this GSA you won’t have to spend time searching for targets and then trying to submit to them. It is much quicker  telling GSA to submit to an already tried and tested list. Further down, I have provided a list of 19k verified domains to get you started.

Using the best search engines to harvest links to post to

There are a lot of search engines to choose from, a lot of them are slow and yield little results,  so by only using fast and large search engines  your LpM should be higher.

Using lots of fast private proxies

Proxies are needed, the more you have the more threads you can run, and the more times you can submit to the same site. When using proxies you have to make sure they are fast because if they are not, site loading times will increase and less sites will be posted to. The faster your proxies the faster your submissions and the higher your LpM.  I personally use the semi dedicated proxies from Buyproxies. You get to chose between USA or European based proxies and do not get the dedicated proxies as you will not need them, only semi dedicated.

Having a fast CPU

By having a fast CPU, you will be able to run more threads therefore more links are made simultaneously. The more links made at once the higher the LpM will be.

Having enough RAM

More ram = more threads you can run. GSA can only use a maximum of 2GB of ram in a 32-bit OS and 4GB of ram in a 64-bit OS. Don’t limit your VPS choice to the amount of ram available, you will also need to run a captcha breaker and possibly some other programs which will take up more ram themselves.

Using the right number of threads

A lot of people think that more threads will result in a faster LpM. This is true up until a certain point. If you run too many threads your VPS/server/PC will slow down because your resources are being taken up.  This  could cause GSA to slow down or even crash. When you are adjusting your threads you have to play around with them a bit to get the right number of threads for you.

Using a big keyword list

The more keywords the more targets GSA can get and the quicker the submissions.  This will give GSA more links to submit to. For example, if you only used 10 keywords GSA would probably use them all up in a few minutes and struggle to find new sites as it would get the same sites again and again.  If you had 100,000 keywords then GSA SER would be able to get lots of different sites without overlap, and would be able to get even more keywords based on the huge number you already have. I have provided my 100k keyword list further down in this article, go check it out!

High timeout

Make sure you have a high timeout when using a lot of threads. If the timeout is too low, GSA will skip too many sites and won’t submit to many.  This will cause your LpM to be very slow as only the fastest sites will be submitted to.

Proof these tips work!

If you do this you can achieve some awesome results. Below is a video after changing a few things. As you can see I am getting 1,400 LpM.

GSA Resources Used

Must have with GSA SER

GSA on its own is great, but to make it a proper animal there are a few extra services you must have.

Private/Shared Proxies

Proxies are a must, if you don’t use them when you are scraping then your IP will be banned and you won’t be able to scrape any target sites. They are also good to submit to the same site over and over again as multiple submissions to the same site could lead to your IP being banned. The more proxies you have the better GSA SER will run.

GSA Captcha Breaker + spamvilla OCR

A captcha solver is a must and software like GSA CaptchaBreaker can save you thousands of dollars in captchas. The spamvila OCR delivers great results for recaptcha captchas, so combined you can solve any cpatcha with a low overall fee.

VPS or Dedicated server

This is a must if you can’t leave your PC on 24/7 or if you have a slow internet connection. A VPS is probably all you need but if you ever need more speed a dedicated server would come in handy.

Indexer subscription

You want Google to see all the amazing links you are making, so by using an indexer server you increase the chances of Google seeing the links and giving your site a boost.

How does it compare to other software?

There are many more SEO programs on the market and a lot of them are very good and can be used alongside GSA SER. However, none of them can replace it.

Senuke XCr

Senuke XCr is a very costly SEO tool but a lot of people buy it. It automatically posts to sites you tell it to with a long campaign set up process. However, because there is a set site list it doesn’t scrape new targets like GSA so it is very quick. Senuke can be used to automate tier 1 links but is nowhere near as powerful as GSA SER so you won’t be able to make 1,000s of links for other tiers. For this reason, I suggest you use Senuke for tier 1 and maybe tier 2 but leave the serious spamming for GSA SER. It can work well with GSA SER but on its own it can not replace it.

Magic Submitter

This has the same functions of senuke but at a quarter of the price. I haven’t personally used it but a lot of people say it’s a great alternative to senuke. With that being said, again it has the same problems as senuke. It still isn’t powerful enough for mass spamming and doesn’t come close to what GSA SER is capable of. However, Magic Submitter is great for building web 2.0s, which GSA SER isn’t very good at. It can be used alongside GSA SER to ensure you post to all the sites physically possible.

Ultimate Demon

Ultimate demon can post to many different platforms, however, you need to import lists of sites to post to. While using it I found it slower than Senuke but it did the job and I was able to post to thousands of article directories, web 2.0s, wiki, etc. UD has the potential to mass spam, however, at the moment it does it too slowly. It is ideal for automating tier 1 so I would highly recommend it if you are too lazy to make tier 1 yourself. You can use the discount code “HostingTavern” for $50 off if you decide to purchase and use along side GSA.

No hands SEO

This is more like GSA SER as it automates backlinking very easy. However, at the moment it only automates trackbacks and blog comments so it is good for getting niche related good blog comments but not for much else. You can set and forget it just like GSA. Why use No hands SEO when you can get GSA SER, which does the same as no hands SEO, and a lot, lot more? I must add though, I have never used No Hands SEO.


Scrapebox is a must have for anyone into SEO and linkbuilding. It can do practically anything with links. Check their PR, index status, OBL, remove duplicates, etc. It can also gather thousands of target URLs that you can use with GSA or any other program. Scrapebox is a must have and you can leave it scraping while GSA is posting and import huge lists for GSA to post to. In my opinion scrapebox is quicker at finding URLs than GSA SER (given the correct settings).


GScraper can harvest URLs like scrapebox but 10 times faster. It doesn’t have as many features but is a good alternative to scrapebox if all you want to do is find thousands and thousands of URLs. However, it is only really fast if you sign up to their proxy service and use their public proxies. If using other proxies you will find it’s no faster than GSA SER.


Xrumer used to be the king of spam, but now GSA SER is here to make spamming extremely easy to automate any platform. With Xrumer it takes a lot of skill and patience to make mods that enable Xrumer to post on other platforms other than forums. However, it can still be used with GSA to post to tier 2,3, and 4 to make hundreds of thousands of backlinks everyday from forum profiles.

I am in the process of writing a step by step tutorial on setting up GSA SER. Check back soon!

GSA SER review by HostingTavern. Overall rating is 10/10

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expireddomainsI have been using deleted or expired domains for a while now to rank different affiliates sites so I thought I would do a tutorial on this subject. People may tell you that this method is not working anymore after the latest Google update but I can assure you that it does, and there are many twists that you can apply to this method.

So to start out, you first need to know what an expired domain is. An expired domain is a domain that was once registered but has been abandoned and no longer has a site on that domain. When you go to register an expired domain, it is going to cost you the exact same as a new registration. You may hear people typically refer to them as dropped domains.

Some people debate on if these domains keep their age or if they are seen as a brand new site. I am of the mind that if you grab them within a decent period of time from when they were dropped, then the search engines will see the age of the domain because it looks like someone let their domain expire by mistake and re-registered it and put a site back up. In the end though, I am after a good backlink profile as well as domain and page authority so age is not that big of a concern for me.


Pro Tip: If you would like to skip this entire process and search a bank of domains that have not been spammed and have excellent stats, check out


Step 1: Find and Sort Domains with Backlinks

The best tool that you can use to find these domains can be found for free at You are going to need to sign up for an account to be able to see all the domains that you will be searching. After you have signed up for an account, click on deleted domains and get a feel for the system. I normally only go for .com, .org, and .net domains but all of them can be used to get some massive link juice to your website.

I have seen some guides floating around the internet about this topic and most of them focus on getting the highest PR (page rank) domains that are listed. If this is something you are going for, you will spend the majority of your time checking to see if the PR is fake and if it is not fake, you are going to have a very small pool of domains to pick from. In order to have a large pool to pick from and more link juice, I typically filter by backlinks. As you can see from the screenshot below, I normally set it to sort from highest to lowest with sites that have at least 100 backlinks. Then you will need to go through this manually. The more backlinks a domain has, the higher PR it is going to have, this is why I do not really focus on the PR column.

expired domains filter

I also always check the “only free Domains” check box because I do not want to see domains that have been registered by the time I am searching. On occasion I will set an age filter but there are times when the age is not going to be correct. An example is if a domain was registered in 2002 but did not have a site on that domain until 2005, then the real age would be 2005. Age is not my concern but there are many things to keep in mind. Sometimes I like to pick up a domain that has been listed on DMOZ, just because some of my affiliate sites cannot seem to get a link from that directory.

Step 2: Backlink Investigation

Do you have a Majestic SEO account? If not, you most definitely should, so go sign up now! It is free (for a basic account) which is all you will need to do this step.

Almost a year ago, I picked up, without knowing any of the steps I am showing you today. Let’s use this as an example. I always pick fresh index. Choosing this option will show you the links that have been found within the last month. When searching for a good domain to use, it is best to see at least 100 links from 50 or more domains.

majestic seo first look

As you can see, sure meets the criteria that I laid out above and seems to have a lot of education and governmental backlinks. This all seems great on its face, but be careful, everything is not always bright sun and rainbows.

Next, you will want to go take a look at the “Backlinks” tab to see the links and anchor texts that the site you are taking a look at has. This will show you some Majestic SEO metrics such as Citation Flow and Trust flow of the URL as well as the Domain. I normally hide the deleted backlinks as these are worthless for me. They are no longer around.

Look at the anchor texts on these links. Are they pharma or sex related? If so, run for the hills, this is not something you want passing link juice to your site. If you run a sex or pharma related site, then this could potentially be a great find. A lot of the time I find a domain that looks very promising but ends up being spammed with links with anchor texts of sex or pharma, I always skip these for obvious reasons.

majestic seo anchor texts

As you can see from above, this is the domain that I had previously bought without any of the knowledge I am showing you guys today. As you can see, I got taken pretty hard.

If you are happy with what you are seeing though, the next step would be to take a look at the pages that are linking to the site. Are they quality? Are they pure spam? You have to make your best judgment on this one, but if it is something you like, then go ahead and register it.

VERY IMPORTANT TIP: Make damn sure that the site is still indexed in Google. You do not want to pick up a domain that has been penalized in any way. To do this, go to Google and type in info: where the domain is the domain that you are looking to purchase. If you see it show up, then you are ready to roll.

After you have the domain, there are a few options available to you. One of the options is that you can simply 301 the domain to a site you already have and get all of that link juice directly to your site. Another good option, if that is too risky for you, is to build out the site and place your links on it like a blog network.

Step 3: Rebuild the Old Site

Head on over to WayBackMachine and type in your URL to see what the site looked like before.  Type in some random letters after your domain name. This will show you all of the pages that the archive has.

waybacktime machine

If the site has many pages, I usually recreate 5-10, but the more the better. Try not to go below 5 original pages but if way back machine is not showing any pages, then you do not have to worry about recreating the old site, and can just add your new content.

In order to figure out what URLs you should create, head back over to Majestic SEO and take a look at the backlinks again. The URLs that have a lot of external backlinks are the ones you should recreate because they may have some PR.

To recreate all the URLs that I need, I like to use a plug-in called custom permalinks.  After you have set up the pages that you want to create, take a look at link juice keeper. This will redirect all the other links to pages you did not recreate to the homepage. This helps keep the massive juice which is the entire point right?

So now that you have the domain up and running, you have a choice of how you want to add your backlinks. I personally like to add them to existing pages, but you can also add more posts to the entire site.

You may see that the domain has a PR of N/A for a while. This is normal. If you picked up the domain in a timely manner after it has been dropped, then the PR should return shortly and you should not worry about losing any link juice, you are getting all of it.

Hosting and Domain Registration – What to Do?

For all my registration needs, I always use They give you free who is protection which is a must when basically creating a private blog network like this.

Web hosting is an entire different story. There is really no simple solution to this. Some like to use SEO hosting, but I prefer to use many cheap and effective hosting plans from different providers. I would highly recommend Arvixe and Ipage if you are looking for cheap web hosting.

To get full IP diversity I also like to add in some free web hosts. However, many of these do not support WordPress so using the plugins mentioned above is not possible, which creates an even bigger mess. You can find a good list of free hosts here. Be warned though, your sites will be offline a lot of the time, or just plain slow on the backend.

If there are any questions you have about the process, let me know in the comments. Otherwise, go out and get some rankings using this method, it still works!

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case study

A few days ago marked the 1 year anniversary of my time as an Internet Marketer/SEO. During this year a lot has happened and most of it for the better. After reading various internet marketing forums, I took really the only required step to making money online: taking action. Since that point, I was able to fully quit my job (although I do remain a full time college student) which gave me complete freedom over my time. I have launched many sites, some successful, many not so much. For the most part, I have always kept what I do a secret and behind closed doors, but that has changed.

My inspiration to finally do a case study on ranking a site came from where a fellow internet marketer was able to build out a site that was complete with SEO and then flip it on Flippa for 5 figures further down the line. Tung, if you are reading this, congratulations!

Without further adieu, let’s get into it!

The Niche: Health Relatedhealth niche

While I will not being giving away the exact niche for the website I am building out or the exact keywords I can tell you that it is in a health related field. I picked this field because I have a friend who recently released a health product on ClickBank and was looking for affiliates. I have run a great many affiliate sites but never used ClickBank so I thought I would give it a try.

If you have not read my tutorial on keyword research, you can find it here. It needs a bit of updating since Google has since gone to the keyword planner, but for now, reading that article should give you a bit of an understanding of what is going on.

Keyword Research

The provider of this new health project gave me a few keywords that he thought would be profitable. I then ran them through the new Google Planner as well as SEMrush to check how many searches they get a month and pick out more related longtails. The following is what I came up with.

Exact Searches a Month

  • 60,500
  • 18,100
  • 14,800
  • 5,400
  • 4,400
  • 4,400
  • 3,600
  • 1,900
  • 1,600
  • 1,600
  • 1,600
  • 1,300
  • 880
  • 720
  • 590
  • 590
  • 480
  • 260
  • 260
  • 50

Each one of the bullet points stands for a new keyword and its exact searches a month in Google. The grand total for all 20 keywords in the list comes to 123,060 searches a month!

Obviously I will not be ranking number 1 for all of these terms, but the top 3 biggest searched terms are also “buyers” keywords. They visitors will have an issue and are looking for a product to fix that issue. Simply put, these terms should do well in converting. I have been told by the product provider that his landing page is converting at 10%. I hope to convert my traffic with at least a 5% conversion rate.

Site Structure

The site structure of this niche website is going to be very similar to all the other projects that I have done in the past.

The first thing I decided to do was go with a PEMD or partial exact match domain. This simply means that the main keyword is in the title with some other text.

Next there will be the homepage which will target the top 3 keywords I will attempting to rank. On the homepage I have written a 1000 word article about the niche with a few testimonials and put a large call to action above the fold. The call to action is bold and colored and acts to draw the user to click the link to put them on the products landing page before they have read the article. If they do take the time to read the article, I have placed a call to action in the middle as well as at the very end.

Since I am targeting 20 keywords, I hope to pull in lots of longtail keyword traffic as well. The homepage targets the top 3 keywords and then the blog on the website will consist of informative articles that target each of the other key terms that I will attempt to rank.

seoThe SEO Game Plan

After I got done doing my keyword research, I of course needed to check the competition of each of these keywords. Much to my surprise even the biggest trafficked keywords were not very competitive. There are a few news articles and a few affiliate sites on the first page for each of the terms. Neither of those sites are very heavily back linked or have great on page optimization so it should not be very hard to beat them.

At the time of this writing, the site in question has been sitting for a month with a homepage article of 1000 words and about 10 blog posts of 500 words each.

If none of my readers has ever heard of Matthew Woodward, I highly suggest you go check out his blog. His tutorials on tiered link building are going to be the bread and butter of my tier 1 links (the links that are going to be pointed at the money site.

Along with these type of link building efforts, I will be purchasing a few packages of different type of links from the better known internet marketing forums to get max diversification of links.

Finally, I will add in some private blog network posts to give the best keywords, or keywords that are being difficult, a good boost to the top. Private blog networks are a great way to rank fast but they are not always the safest. If you are looking for a more “white hat” solution, check out my guest posting guide.

The Future

So what does the future hold? I really do not know. The plan is to take this site from zero to hero.

I want to eventually bring this site to earning at least $10,000 a month.

Follow me on any of the social media accounts or subscribe to my newsletter to get updates on the progress of this health site below.

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I hope this inspires you to start your own journey or site. Remember, the only thing that is stopping you from gaining success is not taking action!

If you have any questions or comments, please post below. I would love to answer you all while taking questions/suggestions.


review stars

Have you ever been looking at Google SERPs and noticed how some of the sites have little golden stars under their domain that say it has been reviewed by so and so people?

I can tell you from an internet marketing perspective, that not only does this look nice, this increases the click through rate (CTR) of your website from Google dramatically. Especially if you are running a few blackhat sites and want to squeeze as much money out of them before they get hit, then this is one of the ways to increase your revenue.

So How Do You Do It?

All you will need to do is add a bit of code to the footer of each page or post that you want the stars to show up under. This will only display the stars if your site is ranking in Google and is visible to potential visitors. Go ahead and search for your site in an incognito window to ensure that your site is in fact int he SERPs before you take advantage of this little trick.

You can place the same code on every page, but I like to change the ratings of each page so it looks a lot more natural.

So now on to the code that you will need to add to the footer of each page of post. Here it is:

<div itemscope itemtype="">
<span itemprop="name">Product Name</span>
<div itemprop="aggregateRating" itemscope itemtype="">
Rated <span itemprop="ratingValue">4.7</span>/5 based on <span itemprop="reviewCount">45</span> reviews

As you can see from the above code, you will need to change the product name to whatever you are selling. Also change the rating to whatever you want to be displayed in the SERPs as well as how many reviews you want to show up.

From the screenshot below, you can see that this method is working and the click through rate is up by a large percentage!

google review


Go ahead and try it out on your own.

Let us know if your CTR has improved after implementing review stars for your website in the comments.

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