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DreamHost Review

DreamHost has been around for ages and for good reason. They are a great host that offers a great price with the use of any DreamHost Coupon code. If you want to give them a try, they offer a 2 week free trial which is excellent if you are undecided on what web host is the best for you. Just like many other web hosting providers, DreamHost offers shared hosting, dedicated servers as well as virtual private servers (VPS). They offer excellent prices on their VPS and dedicated servers if that is something that you are int he market for.

DreamHost will provide you with unlimited domains as well as one of the best money back guarantees in the hosting market.



Rating: 87 out of 100

For the rankings for DreamHost we took a look at the money back gaurantee, speed, prices, and ease of use. The support was also taken into consideration. Everything we tested was top notch except for support which was lacking a bit.


DreamHost offers a 100% up time guarantee  This may seem a bit crazy at first as no one can really offer this, but DreamHost backs this up. If for any reason, your servers go offline or any of their tools do not work, for every hour that they are offline, they will credit your hosting account for a full day of hosting, FREE! This is as good as it gets. They really believe that they are going to have great up time, and I can tell you from personal experience,  they stand by this. Their servers also showed great speed, so that is a great positive.


DreamHost has one of the most impressive money back guarantees in the industry of web hosting. The longest guarantee in the industry is held by DreamHost at 97 days. If you decide to close your account within 97 days, every penny that you spent with them will be returned to you. If after 97 days you decide to cancel, you will still get a refund but this will be pro rated on the remaining time you have left with the host. It is important to note that all refunds will be exclusive to credit card payments. If you pay with paypal, you are out of luck, so make sure you pay with a credit card. We were very happy that DreamHost offered this great guarantee and it is one of the reasons why we recommend this host to many people.

Ease of Use

DreamHost uses an incredibly easy to use interface. It is backed up by the normal cPanel that many are accustomed to. You get access to unlimited disk storage and unlimited bandwidth a month. You also get unlimited email accounts as well as MySQL databases. The operating system that is used is Linux.

dreamhost domains

The cPanel offers you an easy to navigate interface that any new web master can get used to in a few minutes. If you are looking to get your site launched immediately  they have third party services and scripts to help you build your site. We recommend that you do not use site builders though and instead use a script to install WordPress.

Installing WordPress with their script only took a few clicks and was done in under a minute without hang up. Other 1 click scripts are included which include Pligg, Joomla, and Drupal.

DreamHost also provides you with a $100 AdWords credit from Google, so this is great if you want to advertise your website once it is up and running.

If you want to get more advanced features such as a unique IP address, this will run you an extra $3.95 a month. Dreamhost also charges almost $10 a month for premium support which gives unlimited live chat. We could like this to be a free option and included in every hosting package. unfortunately this is not the case.

Technical Support

DreamHost has their technical support for email based in Los Angeles. This support is available around the clock 24/7. We found that their response times were a bit slow and this is the main cause of our ratings. If you do not have a major problem, there is a forum that you can browse to get answers, or a more inclusive DreamHost Wiki. Any of these are great solutions if you are looking to solve your own problems. If you need to get in touch with support, you will need to wait a while but they usually get back to you the same day that you created your ticket.

If you want to upgrade to premium support, you get 3 phone callbacks a month plus unlimited live chat. We think that this should be included in every hosting package that DreamHost offers.

an SSL certificate will cost you $15 a month and if you want a VPS this is just $15 a month as well, which is a pretty decent price.


DreamHost is a pretty good deal. This is only if you use the coupon that is included at the top of this page. Other than that, they are just a mediocre host. They offer many great features that any web master would need. They also provide the typical AdWords credit. The pros of this web hosting solution are the up time and the money back guarantee. The cPanel is very easy to use and you will most likely get the hang of using it within your first log in session. If you have the need for a VPS or a dedicated server, then you should most definitely go check out DreamHost. They are currently offering some of the most competitive rates for these web hosting solutions  Whatever you decide to do, you can always give them a try free of charge for the first two weeks!

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