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FatCow Reviewfatcow review

FatCow is a shared web hosting provider that prides itself as a company that is focused on quality. The company was founded in 1998 and its primary focuses is small businesses. Each and every detail is easy to work with. It is very simple to pick out a hosting plan, set up your account, and if you need to, get a technical issue resolved and taken care of.

Each of their servers is all environmentally friendly as they use wind energy to power their servers. This means that your website is powered by Renewable Energy Certificates so you can be happy knowing that your site is friendly to the environment.

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FatCow takes a different approach than some other web hosting providers. What they do is concentrate on a plan that is a one size fits all. Each payment for a month comes to a total of $3.15, which is very cheap. With this plan you get unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, and many email accounts and SQL databases. If you want to park some of your domains, there is the MiniMoo plan that is an effective way to set up a page to display that your site is under construction and display your email address for each domain.

There are many other features that FatCow offers in their hosting packages. This include scripts, web site platforms, and many different shopping carts. One of the features that we liked the best was the Google Webmaster Tools hat is built it as well as a $125 offer for advertising. All of this combined makes FatCow an excellent provider.

Rating: 96 out of 100

FatCow may be a smaller company, but they are nothing short of amazing. They have some great features and take a different approach to web hosting than many others we have tested. They have great speed, an unbeatable price, and great support.


FatCow operates their business on two data centers that are large in size. They total over 2400 square feet of space. They use a server style that is pooled which allows for a very speedy response time. They offer daily backup which means that even if there is a failure, your data will be safe. When we used Pingdom to monitor the service up time, it is shown that there is a 99,97% up time which is great!

fatcow uptime


Within 30 days of purchasing a web hosting account with FatCow, if you are not satisfied, you will get a full refund from their support team. This of course excludes certain fees that may be for domain name registration and account set up. What you will be refunded for is the cost of the actual hosting account.

Ease of Use

The control panel that FatCow uses is run by vDeck 4, which is an excellent solution to a hosting control panel. It is very to use and simplistic to make sure you do not get lost when trying to find certain features. As you can see below, it is very straight forward and comes with all the common icons and tasks which include email, SQL databases, analytics and FT accounts. All of which is hassle free of course.

control panel fat cow

If you wish to quickly pop up a live website, you may use the SiteDelux app which allows you to use hundreds of pre-designed site templates as well as a point and click editor which allows you to get your layout just right.

fatcow site delux

Some of the pre-designed templates are not very appealing visually. So please keep this in mind. There is also a CM4AII website creator which you can use to set up a website. None of these options is probably the best. If you can not use HTML or do not want to install a content management system, then these are actually a good way to get started. If you do want to install WordPress, which we would recommend, you can get started with their automatic scrips that will allow you to get started in under a few minutes.

Technical Support

Like other web hosts in the same price range, FatCow offers 24/7 phone support as well as email support and online ticket support. The best we have found has been their live chat. Each and every one of these options has been great.

fatcow live chat

The support team from FatCow is polite and helpful. Each of their responses were done in under half a minute and was very helpful and to the point. The response time is very impressive and can be noted it was one of the fastest of all hosts we have reviewed.

There is also a knowledge base online where you can find tutorials and guides to beginning. These are set up for first time users.


In conclusion, FatCow is a company that delivers on their promises. They may be a smallish company and not as well known as other companies, but they provide great value. The servers are quick and reliable. We have yet to see any of them go down for any period of time. All of the responses we have gotten from FatCow have been professional as well as responsive and very helpful. They come with templates to get your website started, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk usage, and of course, free AdWords credit of $100 and $50 Facebook Ad credit. You really can not go wrong with choosing FatCow as your new hosting provider.

Everything you need to get started is provided by FatCow at an excellent price. If you are a beginner to web hosting, or a seasoned professional, I urge you to go give them a try and see what you think. After all  after reading this FatCow review, you know that they provide their services for under 4 dollars a month. What are you waiting for?

FatCow review by HostingTavern. Overall rating is 9.5/10

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