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HostMonster comes with a hosting plan that gives unlimited bandwidth as well as space. My SQL, PHP5 and Perl5 are also standard in their hosting plans and their control panel is easy to use with many different software install scripts readily available. Their technically support is all based in the USA so you will have no problems understanding them and getting your problems fixed. On top of all that, they come with $100 AdWords credit to get your site bringing in the money.

What HostMonster really strives to offer is great customer satisfaction. The company is located int he USA in Utah and every branch of their company is located there. They have been in the web hosting business for over 15 years and they host over a million websites, which makes this web host look extremely promising for a great hosting company.

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The price of a hosting package at $4.95 is a decent deal, but when you renew you should expect to pay $6.95 which is an average price. If you are a webmaster who is just starting out, you will find that the site builder will allow you to get a website online quickly and the free domain will keep your cost down low. There are also many features for the experienced webmaster as well, so do not think that HostMonster is not the full package.

If you are looking to launch an online store, you can take advantage of Secure SSL and many eCommerce platforms to build your site on. The free AdWords credit is also a great way to get your promotion on as soon as your site is finished.

Rating: 89 out of 100

For rankings, we looked into the reliability, speed, features, price, ease of use, and support of HostMonster. We found that they were not as reliable as we had hoped and that the speed was not as fast as other hosting companies we have tested. However, the features they offered were top notch.


HostingTavern measured the reliability of their servers using Pingdom and we came up with 99.50% up time. The data of each client is not backed up automatically by the host so you will need to back up the data yourself. If you want more of a hands off solution you can purchase a back up service for $12.95 a month that HostMonster offers.

hostmonster uptime

The speed of these servers were a little slow. This is one of the aspects of this host we were disappointed with.


HostMonster offers a typical guarantee of 30 day full money back. They also offer a guarantee that will refund all your money from a dedicated IP and anti spam service if you want to cancel 3 days after purchase. Payments such as SSL certificates, back up and SEO( search engine optimization) are not refundable. If you decide to cancel, you will need to pay for your domain if you wish to hold onto it.

Ease of Use

HostMonster takes a different approach to the control panel. They make use of the well known cPanel but also offer a smaller version called the Command Center control panel.

hostmonster cpanel

In this smaller version, Command Center gives you the common tasks that any web master may use on a daily bases. These include managing emails, adding domains, or giving a template to a site so that you can add your own content.

If you want to access the full cPanel, you can do so at the top of the page. Other options at the top are dedicated IP, DNS management, as well as billing management.

The main cPanel is very standard and does include some third part services. There is a free Weebly site builder included and HostMonster made sure to include a script that allows you to set up a website in minutes.

Some of the web site builders however are not free. This is a detriment. They also do not always work. Some do, and some do not. We would recommend installing a content management system such as WordPress.

Every function you are looking for, HostMonster provides it. They are all very easy to use and set up. This of course is not including the services and scripts that just refuse to work. These are all third party scripts, so if you do not need to use these, then you are in good hands signing up for a web hosting account from HostMonster.

Technical Support

Through our testing of HostMonster’s technical support, we discovered that they offer average response in regard to how long it takes them to answer. The responses themselves were very helpful and precise.

hostmonster live chat

Online tickets were answered in about 30 minutes which is very average, but not terrible. Yiou can also contact them through phone, forum, or other self help materials on their website. They also offer many videos to help you work through a problem yourself if that is what you need at the time. If you have a harder issue to solve, you will need to wait in line to get a response from their online support.


When you first take a look at HostMonster, you seem to be getting a great deal at only $4.95 a month. This is just the default plan. If you want to go with a dedicated IP, get daily backups, or use more CPU, you will have to upgrade to the pro package. If you do this, you will still have some limitations but the price skyrockets to almost 20 dollars a month. This is extreme and no host should be charging that much for this kind of service.

There are many third party scripts and offerings from HostMonster but not all of them work. This is a problem. If you only need simple web hosting though, this is a good option.

HostMonster is not the best, but it is far from the worst. If you are looking for a great easy web hosting solution, you can give them a go and see what you think.

Hostmonster review by HostingTavern. Overall rating is 9.6/10

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