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iPage has grown to become a very big player in the web hosting business over the last few years. They now host over 1 million websites and cater to small and growing businesses since 1998 when they were first founded in Boston. If you sign up for a web hosting plan from iPage, you will only be paying $1.99 per month. With this web hosting solution you get much of what is needed to be a webmaster. This includes unlimited disk space, unlimited data transfer, MySQL support, and a free web site builder in each package.

iPage has shown itself to be very environmentally friendly by purchasing Renewable Energy Certificates to cover over 200% of all the power they utilize. This means that iPage buys certificates that make sure that the power that runs their servers is coming from clean energy. By knowing that your host is helping to not damage the planet further, you can feel proud about your site, as well as your host.



iPage offers many typical services with each hosting package. These include Adwords, credit, as well as Yahoo and Facebook Ad credit as well. Packages also come with blog scripts, eCommerce systems, galleries, and others. You also gett a free listening in the Yellow Pages which could help you get a good amount of initial traffic. When you sign up, you will get a Google Webmaster Tools that is pre installed which will allow you to track your site in Google. To keep your business safe, you will get access to email, FTP security, and free SSL.

Rating: 98 out of 100

Here at HostTavern, we have heard nothing but great things about iPage. That is why we had to check them out for ourselves. They have very fast servers, all the features you would expect to come with a shared hosting account, and a price that is very appealing. Overall, this is a great host to get your site started on.


iPage is located in Boston, MA and occupies two data centers that cover over 2400 square feet. They use a pooled server structure that allows for extremely fast loading times of all websites that they host. They also take advantage of M7i routers which makes downtime extremely minimal.

For our tests, we used Pingdom and that came to show that iPage offers 99.9% up time. Each server at iPage is monitored 24/7 so if there are down times, which we did not notice, would be fixed right away. They also offer daily backups of all customer data. This however, is a paid option at $12.95 a year which could be worth it to you if you are running many large projects.

ipage up time


On the homepage of iPage you will notice an anytime money back guarantee. This simply means that they offer a 30 day money back guarantee. The anytime means that after 30 days if you cancel, you will get a full refund for the unused period of time. There are countless other companies that will charge you for all the time spent on the web host so we think that this is a great money back gguarantee. Domain name fees and payments are not refunded.

Ease of Use

iPage takes advantage of the vDeck control panel. It has everything that you will need to run a successful website. This includes email, MySQL, domain names, access logs, file managers, and FTP. Getting used to the control panel is a very fast task and the Quick Start menu helps new customers get a new website online in a matter of minutes. The site builder was also very easy and straight forward to use.

ipage control panel

Through the email central button, you are allowed to create an unlimited number of email accounts where you can set up auto responding and forwarding. If you want to upgrade you can also store messages, contacts, and personal data on the same account. This upgrade costs $24.95 a year.

The script library that is used is powered by Simple Scripts and is simply laid out.

simple scripts ipage

There are over 50 scripts that you can chose to install from this panel. Each one only takes a few simple clicks to get your web site started. All of the most popular content management systems are offered such as WordPress and Drupal. Each and every script we attempted to install was installed in under 2 minutes which was fast and efficient.

If you want to get a website built in a more simple form, you can use one of the two site builders that is offered at iPage. The choices you have is a drag and drop site builder by Weebly and the other is a CM4AII builder. Both of them are free if you have the basic web hosting plan. These are only to be used if you want a minimal website, but this allows you to focus ont he content of your website without having to bother with the little details of design. Our impression of these builders is positive as they were extremely easy to use.

ipage weebly

Technical Support

The live chat support as well as the phone support at iPage were top notch. All answers were given to our quesitons in under a minute and were helpful. The online ticket support was faster than most hosts that we have tested and the staff was very polite.

ipage live chat


From reading all the iPage reviews that we came across, as well as testing them ourselves, we love iPage. You get a full package of web hosting for an excellent price if you use the iPage coupon. The control panel is also extremely easy to use and friendly to new users.

iPage provided to be very reliable, has great speed, excellent reliability, unlimited bandwidth, and also has great anti spam measures put into place. Signing up also gives you a free domain name with scripts to install whatever you like.

If you decide to go with iPage, you will see that this iPage review is spot on and we guarantee that you will stick with them for as long as you host your website.

iPage review by HostingTavern. Overall rating is 9.7/10

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